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We as people – we love to communicate with others because communication makes our days and lives more interesting. Conversations come out naturally within us when we talk to people but it wouldn’t hurt to give out tips on how to start one. Sometimes we don’t know to start or maintain a conversation because we simply don’t know what to say at first. Without further ado here are some tips for you on how to start a conversation!

Simple greetings go a long way!

Greetings such as “Hi” or “Hello”, “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” will help you start a conversation. It is often mistaken because it might already same like a routine for us to do so whenever we’re at work or school but saying simple greetings will allow you to build rapport with other people. You can also follow it up with questions such as “How are you doing today?” or even ask them what they will do for today.

Find something in common

When you’ve already started a conversation with a person – maintaining the conversations becomes important. This is your opportunity to get to know the person as well as to find something in common between the two of you. Same interests provide topics for you to talk about, for example you two are interested in the same genre of music.

Don’t bombard them with questions

Asking questions is a great way of starting a question but then again asking too much or too many questions will make the person you’re talking to a bit uncomfortable. Asking too many questions might seem as an interrogation rather than a casual conversation. When you ask a question follow it up with opinions or just generally talk about the topic at hand.

Compliment the other person

When someone looks great or when achieved something good, try to compliment them to make them smile. A simple compliment to your co-worker will motivate them to strive better and it will establish a good rapport between the two of you. It allows you to maintain the conversation active and as well as give you an opportunity to get to know the person.


Smiling always helps you to welcome and open people to have a conversation with you. It also shows that you are interested on what the person is talking about. Also maintaining eye contact will be helpful for you to establish that you intend to talk some more. Although, don’t smile too much or don’t stare too much as it might make the person feel uneasy or uncomfortable while talking to you!