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How to sound like a Native English speaker

Speaking a new language fluently comes with its very own challenges. If your goal is to sound like one of the locals, then you’ve probably heard other people saying that to do so, you should have started speaking the language from childhood. However, don’t lose hope! There are thousands of people who are able to […]

How to write a good argumentative essay for your IELTS Test

In our last blog post, we talked about what is the IELTS and what makes it different from other English language tests. Now, we’re giving you a deeper overview of the components of the IELTS exam specifically the writing section.  The International English Language Testing System or better known as IELTS is composed of four […]

3 Hacks to Learn English Better and Faster

Let’s admit it, learning a new language is exciting but it can also be very challenging. Most of the time we try to memorize a lot of words, but sometimes it’s trickier to use them in actual conversation or writing.  There’s an easier way to help us learn English! Here are three simple hacks to […]


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