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Online İngilizce Öğrenme
10 Adımda Online İngilizce Öğrenme
Konu Başlıkları Doğru kelimeleri öğrenin Kökü aynı olan kelimeleri çalışın Yurt dışına gitmeden öğrenme Ana dili İngilizce olan biriyle pratik Açık kaynakları kullanın İngilizce için asla geç değil Hatırlatıcı kullanın Hatalarla yaşamayı öğrenin Hedeflerinizi iyi belirleyin Telaffuzunuzu geliştirin 10 Adımda Online İngilizce Öğrenme July 18, 2018 Posted by: isb_admin Category: Turkish Article, 1 Comment İngilizce [...]
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Know Your English Idioms and Expressions

As human beings, we tend to use various idioms and expressions to convey what we truly feel. We do this because we want to accentuate our emotions and often, these words are actually better stated through these idioms and expressions than saying the real thing. The English language is no different – it has continuously […]

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Frequent English Spelling Mistakes
1. Accommodate   a. to provide with something desired, needed, or suited b. to bring into agreement or concord - Merriam-Webster Dictionary You might’ve heard this word on a stay on a hotel or even riding a bus around your city. The common misspelling of this word is usually people lack one “c” or “m” – [...]
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Tips on how to start a conversation
We as people – we love to communicate with others because communication makes our days and lives more interesting. Conversations come out naturally within us when we talk to people but it wouldn’t hurt to give out tips on how to start one. Sometimes we don’t know to start or maintain a conversation because we [...]
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Simple Ways to Improve English Skills

Are you having a hard time expressing yourself in spoken English? So many unfamiliar vocabulary, new phrases or even worst, slangs. Here are some of the ways to help you improve your communication skills:   Read, read, and read more. Choose an article that you like. Read your favorite novels, fairytale books or daily newspapers. […]

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Tips To Expand Your English Vocabulary

Your vocabulary is essential when it comes to communicating with other English speakers thus expanding your vocabulary is also essential for you to understand many of them.  Always find time to read! Reading will always be your constant activity when you want to have a deeper understanding or knowledge when it comes to vocabulary. Reading […]

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